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Teakcroft is first and foremost a cardboard box manufacturer, although over the years we have grown other sides of the business. Our main niche is bespoke box manufacturing, this can be anything from Packing Boxes, Die Cut Boxes, Import and Export Boxes and many more. We cover a wide range of fluted material which we convert into boxes. Our flutes include E Flute, B Flute, C Flute, BC Flute, EB Flute which come in a wide variety of paper grades, most commonly used are 125 K/T, 150 K/T, 200 K/T and 300 K/T.

Litho Laminated

Over the last 10 years Teakcroft have experienced an increasing demand for Litho Laminated boxes.

Litho Laminated boxes consist of a photographic quality print finish which usually has a varnish coating to provide a gloss protective finish. A pre-printed paper is bonded to the surface of a corrugated board providing a perfect print on every box.

Litho Laminated boxes can be printed from 1 to full colour, part or full coverage of the box.

Archive Boxes

We have various Die Cutting tools in stock to manufacture Archive Boxes in different materials and sizes, with or without lids attached.

If our stock tooling does not meet your requirements, we can have a cutting tool manufactured to your bespoke design required. The tooling will then be kept safely for you at Teakcroft for use on repeat orders.


With foam having a natural ability to be flexible and as a reliable shock absorber, it is an ideal material to safely ship and display products.

All foams, polyurethane or polyethylene products are bespoke, and our experienced team can help guide you in finding a suitable solution to protect and fit your product.

Plastic Products

Correx is a tough, durable and impact resistant plastic protection board. It is available in a different range of grades & colours which will suit specific projects.

The twin-walled polypropylene construction of correx boards, makes them suitable for both internal and external applications.

Solid Board

Solid board is an excellent material for demanding packaging applications. These packaging boards perform particularly well in moist conditions, on high-speed packaging machines or in high quality offset and flexo printing.

Many industries use this material including fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry, fish, dairy, beverages and flowers.


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