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Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process which has been used for years in various industries. In the cardboard industry it is a process where a non standard style of box is requested, a size of box that can not be manufactured on ‘normal’ machines, or for internal fittings.

There are many different styles that can/need to be die cut (See box styles) for example 0426, 0427, 0421. A die cut tool, fits to a machine and the machine is fed the sheets of board. The machine will then ‘press out’  the given shape of the tool making cuts and folds in the board. Tooling costs vary significantly subject to size, style etc of the box required. Our sales team will be able to advise you accordingly.

Die Tool Costs

When a bespoke design requires a cutting tool to be manufactured there will be a one off purchase cost incurred. These costs vary as different sizes and different styles will use more material than others. The tooling will then be stored for you at Teakcroft for use on repeat orders.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is a form of die cutting using a cylindrical die or a rotary press. Material is fed through the press which holds the rotary tool that will cut out shapes, make perforations or creases. Generally rotary die tools are more expensive to purchase than the standard flat bed die tools, but can be run at higher speeds and therefore may be more cost effective for higher quantities e.g. 5000 upwards. Rotary die cut boxes can also be printed.

Correx Plastic

Correx Plastic usage is growing year on year as it’s recyclable and usable over and over again. The minimums quantities can be higher than if you were purchasing a Corrugated Cardboard Box. Correx is usually purchased in sheets or in die cut form. Teakcroft can produce all kinds of different styles of boxes in correx (See box styles), sheets can come in all different colours and grades.

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