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Flexo Printing

Flexo Printing is becoming more common among a wide range of clients, with the world changing, and marketing being key to getting your company details in front of the general public.

We have produced many different kinds of prints over our 35 years of manufacturing, it can vary from a company name and address, along with logo or a wallpaper print.

People are using more and more couriers to send out their goods so sometimes clients like to have a “THIS WAY UP ARROWS” or “FRAGILE” to make not only the end user, but the couriers aware to treat the item with care.

Printing Plates and Costs

To enable a cardboard manufacturer to produce a printed carton a stereo needs to be produced which creates the print. Costs can vary on Stereo’s, as it all depends on coverage of print on the box and how many colours is going onto the box.

Stereo’s are stored at Teakcroft in our specialised racks. Teakcroft work to various procedures when it comes to producing artwork, these procedures make sure that artwork has been finalised by the client by sending a pdf of the final artwork on the actual layout of the box requested.

Inks and Pantone Colours

Teakcroft stock a range of inks in-house, but the pantone colour range is so vast that it’s impossible to stock every ink. When discussing your requirements with your sales representative he/she will always try to match your pantone colour with something Teakcroft have in stock, although this isn’t always successful so ink charges are issued. If there is an ink charge you will be notified of this before proceeding.

Inks that are currently used by Teakcroft are Flexo inks, which are a water based ink.

Company Details

Teakcroft Ltd.
Carlton Park Industrial Estate,
Unit 32, Ronald Lane,
Main Road, Carlton,
Suffolk. IP17 2NL

Tel: 01728 605757
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Email: sales@teakcroft.co.uk

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